Staple Kitchen Tools

I use each and every one of these products and highly recommend them. They make my life so much simpler, keep me inspired and comfortable. *Note: Some of these objects are seriously sharp, so please use with an abundance of caution. :)

This (SUPER SHARP) "Benriner" Mandoline adds that extra touch

to salads, slaws, pickles & more. Please don't be a fool: use the guard!

This little guy gets SO much use in my apartment.

Sauces, chopped veg, dressings, purees, you name it. AND they come in cute colors :)

Let's talk support here, folks. If you're going to be spending any considerable amount of time on your feet, you need a good shoe! DANSKO for LIFE!

Silicon pads - a great way to be eco friendly and non-stick at the same time!

Chef Works Women's Springfield Chef Coats have these lovely, breathable patches down the sides for added air flow (because we all sweat, especially in a kitchen).

WÜSTHOF makes some great knives for every day use.

Remember: a sharp knife is safer than a dull one!

Microplanes bring me so much joy. You can grate garlic, cheese, ginger, nutmeg, frozen peppers and sometimes your hand (beware).

Pyrex! Your food will stay fresher for longer in these guys. They are freezer & dishwasher safe.

A subscription to Bon Appétit Mag is always a good idea.

Here's a fun, fancy knife to impress your friends! Dang she sure is a beaut.